Beautiful Bamboo


Clothing made from bamboo is incredibly soft. It has an irresistible touch and feels 

luxurious on the skin.

Bamboo is grown organically , which means it flourishes without the aid of herbicides or

pesticides – great for you, even better for the environment.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it’s incredibly comfy for people

with allergies and the most sensitive of skins.

The fabric does not cling on to odours so you can usually wear a garment more than


Bamboo clothing is crease resistant. So less ironing for you and less energy wasted –

every little bit helps.

The bamboo plant reaches its maximum height in less than 3 months, making it a

popular choice for farmers as a ‘rotation crop’. It helps loosen soil and ready it for the

next season.

Bamboo is considered one of nature’s renewable resources and is one of the fastest growing

plants on earth – you can almost ‘see’ it grow.

Similarly to hemp and thanks to its dense composition, bamboo is naturally resistant to

harmful UV rays.

All of our bamboo clothing is pre-washed to minimise shrinkage. Washing bamboo

is just as easy on the energy bills as hemp. A cool wash at 30-40°C will keep your

thoughtful clothing clean and fresh. Feel free to bamboo clothes on a spin but we

recommend you do not put them in the dryer.